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Originally Posted by RubeRad View Post
Hmmm. CBS & ABC are coming from Mt Soledad in La Jolla (southwest), and everything else is way down in Mt Miguel (east of chula vista), SSE. I don't understand why they don't have TV towers on Mt Helix or Cowles Mtn, would be more central. Would an antenna pointed vaguely SSW not be able to pick up both of those? Does an outdoor antenna on the east wall have no chance due to building interference?

In my experiments with the indoor antenna, I have seen every channel very strong&clear, but never all at once. Can two antennas be combined by running a splitter backwards?
Vaguely south would be your best bet to cover SSE and SSW. Getting outdoors and high up are your best bets.

You might be able to us an RV style omni antenna, but the "gain" of those is only about as good as that indoor antenna.

You can't combine signals using a splitter, the lead lengths and multipath of the RF hitting the two antennas will cause all sorts of phase errors that will result in some signal canceling, which will result in wierd "dropped blocks" for today's "digital" signal.

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