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I will "never" buy another new new car again. I made that mistake twice in my life.
I am not a very "car lucky" person where it comes to nice vehicles. I have owned total POS cars and trucks for YEARS and not had issues, no accidents, no incidents, etc. The MOMENT that I get a nice new car....accident, door dings, trash on the road, mechanical issues. It's like some weird hoodoo curse.

I make it a point now when searching for a "new" vehicle to own that something be already wrong with the appearance of it...nothing major but already needs to have a door ding, scratch or something so it's over. I have found that (for myself) so long as I have a bad paint spot, or a fender of another color my car will NEVER EVER break down or have issue. I honestly think it's a vanity thing.

EDIT- ...and uh, sorry dude, wasn't meaning to poo poo on your new car experience. It is amazing to own something that no one else has.

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