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Originally Posted by maartendc View Post
Yeah the BMC bikes geometry is quite different from other bikes. What they bill as a 51 fits really more like a 54.

As for the wheels: I dont know about those particular stock wheels, but in general, stock wheels are not great, pretty heavy. Especially in a more affordable bike like the CAAD12, they will cheap out on the wheels. The CAAD frame is really good though, so worth upgrading the wheels for.

For the Hunt wheels: Will you notice 120g difference? Probably not. You would notice the difference between 1800g and 1400g, but not between 1450 and 1550g I think. If the price is much higher, or you live in a flat area, go with the slightly heavier wheels.

That being said, if the price is not that much higher, I would still go with the lighter wheels. If you dont, you might feel that itch to invest in lighter wheels in a couple months.

Enjoy the new bike!
Thanks for the suggestion! I went ahead and ordered the 4season Hunts wheel that's 1585 in weight. Since the lighter set that's 1465 is like April Wk4 delivery Hopefully my LBS will get the bike soon! i'll report back when I get to ride it
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