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I'm surprised no one mentioned Dinotte. They are expensive, but high quality. Customer support is excellent. I have a 600L headlight and 140L tail light from them that I bought 10 years ago. Cutting edge LED back then. Their latest headlight is more than twice as bright as mine (and mine is plenty bright). The tail light is incredibly bright (the latest version is something like 3 times as bright as mine).

I recently had issues with my headlight (2 of 3 LED's went out). I was trying to decide whether to send it in for repair, or upgrade to the newest light. I decided to pull it apart myself and try to fix. Found a couple of cold solder joints to the LED's and resoldered them. Back in business. I guess I'll delay the upgrade. Even the original battery is still good.

I'm not up on all the newer lights, but I'll get another from Dinotte if mine ever need replacement.
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