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Bikes: inferior steel....and....noodly aluminium

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your big misteak was riding that far with a load on the first try.
wasn't the weight, plenny ride with double the load double the distance reg'larly.
as mentioned, 15 pounds is no biggie. the fact you could easily ride a shorter
distance with less weight was more likely due to better training/conditioning.

no point in comparing to a road bike. i can walk 15 miles easy, but strap
an 80 pound pack to my back.....and, uh, i'll get tired really fast.

not sure about the LHT gearing, but maybe look at a smaller inner ring,
perhaps a 22 tooth?

replace your heavy-duty front rack with a super lightweight platform
front rack. an empty 2L soda bottle bungeed on can be filled up
late in the day.
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