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Originally Posted by Wolfhaven View Post
We got buzzed close frequently on those stretches. One mile stretch of hwy 169 had shoulders about a foot wide. Unqualified drivers pulling triples (truck, camper, boat) refused to move over the center lane despite no traffic coming towards them. Almost got sucked into one boat and then his buddy following right on his tail. Of course we were battling 20+ mph headwinds that day so we couldn't generate any speed to get off that stretch quickly. Two things I learned was Minnesota nice does not extend to the road when passing bikes and they love their bananas. Good grief, must have rode by 15-20 banana peels every day.
I found myself biking along 65 north of Mora a few years back, I would bike on the pavement, but as I heard a car approach I would pull onto the gravel shoulder, cars would not give any room, in fact I swear to god that I smelled the aroma of pot in some, and beer in others as they whizzed by. It was Saturday afternoon the week of the fishing opener.
You are probably wondering what fool would be on this road at that time, long story ....
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