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Centuries on hybrids have been done before ---- The HHH is in late August, who knows, by that time, you may love this sport so much you might have a zippy road bike by then, but if not, the Hybrid will do fine

difference between 100 miles and 100 kilometers is 38 miles (100k is 62 miles ).

You can use the HHH 100 miler as a peak of the year, but I would recommend having a couple of the 100k's under your belt and another ride of up to 85 miles or so prior to the event.
On a hybrid you wont be going quite as fast as the folks on dedicated road bikes , so you may be out there a little longer, so make sure your properly acclimatized to the heat , -- that ride can also get quite windy --- if it takes you 7 hours, you'll be out there pedaling the last few miles in the 2-3pm time frame ----

You'll have plenty of company , and there are plenty of stops and aid stations along the way --- tons of places to take a breather, down some oranges or refill your water bottles

Again, having a couple of rides under your belt that are approaching peak distance is crucial to ensure you have the best time, --- ive heard people say, - "Well, that 50 miler was easy, - I'm ready to try a century" --- Saddles and shorts that are comfortable for 2 or 3 hours can become torture devices after 4 or 5 hours , let alone 6 or 7, --- so a few big rides will help you weed out any questionable equipment , as well as figure out your hydration schedule and requirements.

As mentioned, the HHH has plenty of stops, but I still recommend everyone have enough to take care of themselves if they feel a bonk coming on out at mile 85 or something --- because after 85 miles, its true that your almost there, --- but its also true that your 15 miles out, and that's another hour more or less, on a hybrid at least

Have fun, - train hard - you have plenty of time
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