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Originally Posted by AdvXtrm View Post
I'm hoping to up the odds of being noticed by the thoughtless and careless lunatics on theroads. I've just ordered a new blinky taillight, but I'd like to do more if Ican. So besides my own HiViz clothing,what other things can I add to my bike to help out? I'd like to attach something HiViz to the rear of my bike, but don't know what I can get or where to get it. I've seen some people have a HiViz triangle attached.

Do you have any advice and links to items that may help with this?
Originally Posted by Jim from Boston View Post
...My safety aphorism is, "Make yourself as visible as possible, and assume nobody sees you."
IMO, reflective items are ancillary,and active illumination is necessary. Another one of my safety aphorisms is "When riding at night, look for cars, not just headlights." "Thoughtless and careless lunatics" are more likely to be driving without their headlights on.

I wear two rearward lights, for dyssynchrony (steady and blinking) and redundancy, in case one goes out.
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