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The Trek FX 2 looks like a good bike. It takes 32c tires, so they should be fairly comfy as long as you don't over inflate them. I would focus on:

Bike fit. Is you saddle comfortable? Is it at the right height? Fore and Aft position good? Stem length feel comfortable? Handlebar height? Your bike shop can help with this.

Cycling shorts. Would recommend at least one cycling shot with a chamois. Some folks also use chamois cream for longer rides.

Pedals (optional). Your Trek FX 2 doesn't look like it comes with clipless pedals. Ask your bike shop about them. Maybe they have something with an SPD clip on one side and a flat one on the other for regular shoes. If you consider clipless, then also ask about shoes. I used to have some old touring shoes with a flat thin sole (Detto Pietro). They had a firm sole that worked well with toe clips and straps. So that's another option if your pedals will accept them.

Training. Just get out on the bike and have fun. If you can use it for commuting, then that would be great as well. Break in the shorts. Try them with longer rides. Try to feel comfortable riding 3/4 of the distance. So try building up to 60 to 75 miles for a 100 mile event.

Food. Try bringing some along with you on the longer rides (2 hrs or more). Experiment with dates, fig newtons, rice cakes, salted nuts or trail mix, etc. Search here on the forums for others that ride and race longer distance. Just make sure that you won't get any stomach problems with what you eat and drink. Ask if you could leave a small bag of food and water bottle at one of the supported stops in the middle. It might allow you to not have to worry about carring it up to that point.

Pace yourself. If you feel good riding in a specific gear, then try shifting down one and spin a little more. If others are not going your speed, then don't worry about them. I have found it difficult to hold back and not get burnt out too early in the past. This one gear less was what I used so far and seems to "keep me in check."

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