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Never encountered goatherds when I spent my summers there, but it was a while back.

My experience was Santa Fe, the areas up around Truchas and west towards Loa Alamos as well as SE towards Pecos. All good road riding. Not as many road choices as say in upstate NY, but still plenty of options. ABQ is actually a bit more limited as it's got Sandia Crest to the east, Indian reservations and an AFB base to the south and north, as well it's a much more crowded city.

Everywhere else ?, nothing to say except it's beautiful everywhere, so what roads there are, are sweet. Note that south of ABQ is lower in elevation and much hotter in summer. North is higher and cooler.

Mt. biking everywhere and possibly the options are better then road riding. Technical single track everywhere or just roll down dirt roads in the National Forests. A gazillion miles to choose from and all scenic.

A HUGE MF Camelbak is your friend though.

As for retirement, my wife and I spent on/off 10 years there when she worked for the SF Opera and to state that NM is the one place where we found our souls belong is an understatement. It's just beautiful everywhere and it's a special place to us. We would move there in a heartbeat except, and this is big, they have a water problem and have been in a drought for near 20 years. Not thinking that with global warming it's going to get better. Thus living out in the country may see issues with a lowering water table and that's something to research. The cities of SF and ABQ have the Rio Grande as well as wells, so may or may not develop as serious long term issues, but I'd be reading up on it before moving there.

Oh, and as to weather. SF and the north can have a serious winter as the altitude is 7,000 ft. It has gotten (in SF) to -18 F in 2011 and can have cold winters with snow. So up north the winter road riding means you have to wait till noon for it to warm up. Check out regional temperatures.

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