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Originally Posted by Carbonfiberboy View Post
Is "enjoy" the right word? I mean, you're talking about the Dark Side of cycling. Do we really enjoy slogging uphill in the pouring rain wearing about 10 lbs. of said rain, and it running down the road so fast you think you're going to spawn? Or trying to restore the feeling in our feet from riding the last 6 hours in sleet? Is there romance in changing a tire in the cold, wet dark? CLimbing the 3rd pass of the day in 100+ heat?

Well, I suppose there is, at least enough to attract the peculiar among us. Yes, doubles, 400ks, populaires, gran fondo type events, all sorts of crazy nonsense. My wife and I did a double on our tandem with a racing team age of 137. I didn't get started riding again after a long, long layoff until I was 50, so all this has been as an adult. Well, except for the solo century I rode at 18, just for a lark. And the all-day gravel rides in my early teens. I've always had a hankering to go a little further.
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