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Originally Posted by Lazyass View Post
I got my daughter a nice KitchenAid mixer and I saw that they sell pasta roller attachments. Then I realized that I don't think I've ever had homemade pasta before. I eat pasta by the tons so I'm wondering what the difference is. Does it taste better?
Fresh pasta making takes the inevitable learning curve to get the basics down for a reliable product but when done properly is sublime, although boxed dried pasta is what we eat >90% of the time.

No big surprise but I use a C&V design, the Atlas manual pasta machine and "The Splendid Table" methods/recipes by Lynne Rosetto Kasper which I highly recommend. The KitchenAid attachment is used by friends and does a commendable job, but the secret is is in the dough and how it is handled.

At least once a year we have a Pasta Party where the invited all participate in making fresh pasta and a variety of sauces from scratch, great fun.
If your daughter has kids making fresh pasta together is a fun way to introduce them to the skills and useful work of feeding themselves with fresh homemade tasty fare and an introduction to Cuisine.

PS: An easy way to sorta-taste/compare "fresh vs. dried" are the fresh-ish packaged pasta products like Barelli readily available in the cold case at your supermarket. Not the same thing as fresh homemade by any means but if you try it the investment is minimal, the effort non existent.
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