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There is Pasta, and there is Pasta.

The Dried pasta you buy in any Supermarket is extruded pasta made from just flour and water and maybe a little salt.

Handmade Pasta has eggs in the recipe along with a tiny bit of oil and salt usually and its rolled rather than extruded. Fresh egg pasta is richer in flavour and as there are raw eggs in the recipe its eaten fresh as well.

I'd much rather have fresh egg pasta and I make it sometimes although I make the dough by hand and then roll it with an inexpensive non-powered pasta roller.

Pasta making takes a little skill. Its not diabolically difficult but I think you need to be taught it and good teachers will teach people to make the dough by hand so that they learn to feel when it's right. A simple hand cranked Pasta roller would be preferable until you know that your really going to get into fresh pasta making.

So, the Kitchen Aid mixer was a nice gift but Fresh Pasta making is a whole other thing.
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