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That's a very interesting "missing link" you have there! Most of us know of Carabela as the "sister" brand to Windsor from Acer-Mex. We in the US see far more W brand than C brand bikes for this co., also know that toward the later years of them being imported in quantity that Acer_mex started spec-ing some Japanese frame bits (like the SunTour drop-outs and ends) and even made frames with Tange tubing.
But 1974 would still be fairly early years for Acer-Mex in the US and I never saw a Windsor with this level of Japanese componentry (which looks to be period correct if not OEM).
Also I have NEVER seen an Acer-Mex frame made of Falck tubing (and yes, that's the way it's USUALLY spelled, with the falCk but I understand that sometimes they dropped the "C") and I have NEVER seen that particular FALK (or FALCK) tubing decal before----so please take some more close-up pix of the decal for posterity.
Anyhow, Falck (or falk) came in several flavors/specs tho was generally a "budget" tube that was substituted for Columbus to save a few Lira but there WAS a "lightweight-premium" set although not positive whether any Falck tubing was double butted (versus just better metal alloy so thinner gauge).
Anyway, it's an interesting example and I'm curious for what some more expert folks like @juvela might say about it.

D-uoh! there's my answer right above ^...he types faster than me! And T-Mar, too, it's a bonus round!!

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