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...I have a couple of Windsor Pro's AND I like the ride of them. The only Carabela I've ever owned is a track bike that came to me pretty much cosmetically a nightmare. I think the guy painted it with a brush, and there was plenty of it's one of two or three bikes I've ever oxalic acid bathed and powdercoated. It turned out pretty OK, but a couple of caveats if you do this.

1. It's probably easier and possibly cheaper to just have them media blast and PC the whole frame and lose the chrome. But you can find guys who will mask off the chrome if you want to try to save it. But you end up with a transition area between the PC and the chrome (like on the stays) that can be problematic.

2. You want to decide beforehand which of your old components you can and plan to reuse. You can run into some nonstandard (by today's standards) dimensions, like the fork crown race seat, that can be hard to reassemble without extra time and money if they get accidentally powdercoated.

Anyway, if it was an Acer Mex Semi-Pro, it's probably worth the effort to rework for personal use, just don't expect to get all your time and money back if you decide to sell it. They fly under the radar, mostly.

Here's the PC'd track bike:
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