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Originally Posted by AfterThunk View Post
Really great info. Thank you.

With Tmar's lead on the Semi-pro model, I found a review of that model in a 1975 issue of Bicycling magazine. Mentions Falk double butted tubing and lists nearly identical component array. The model in the review does not have the ornate lugs though. Maybe that was a difference between early model years.

I cannot post urls yet, but I found the review on velo-pages. I downloaded the pages as images and attached here as well.
The lugs in the road test appear identical to yours. I believe they just look less ornate because the contrasting, decorative dot, is not clearly visible in the road test photo, because it is a black and white photo. However, if you look closely, you'll see that it is there. It's just in a light colour that almost blends in with the chrome. It's more visible on the seat lug, in the overall photo.
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