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Originally Posted by Juan Foote View Post

Have any of you picked up the new Ryzen yet?

I was super excited about this release. The pre-release review gave it a very mediocre review, but a couple of the post release reviews have solidly put the 1800X in 2/3rd place right behind two i7 which are both double or more the cost.
I have seen a few other reviews that post them well down the list.

I am considering building one in a few months or so, as I hope to see them come off the release price and also a few more mobo choices to come out. This will be my first DDR4 build, so I can't just reuse parts I have around.
I'm going to do an upgrade when I can make up what I laughingly refer to as my mind.

Don't sweat the early stuff. AMD has a lot of work to do on it, and a lot of reviewers get a little on the side, if you get my drift. Looks like there also some teething problems on the mobos..

Lastly, this will depend a lot on what you actually do. Only thing I do that makes a puter sweat is games.

Currently, games are mostly single threaded, advantage Intel.

But I am thinking that will change, advantage AMD.

I am waiting for VR to mature. VR has prob just started kicking computers around, and that suggests to me highly threaded game programs. (But don't trust my computer predictions, I am almost always wrong when I try to predict technology)

But... if I was going to upgrade today, I'd get a 7700K.

But I'm hoping I can wait a while, and see how things shake out. I was going to do that with my video card, and it died recently. Which woke my paranoia up.
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