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I was waiting for zen to be launched, hoping it would lower the prices of the FX series. For the past few months it's been:

FX-8350 (8 cores) $149
FX-6300 (6 cores) $89
FX-4300 (4 cores) $64

The 6300 alone is about 3 times as fast as the Phenom II X6 I have on this 7 years old machine. Is difficult to justify the extra 60 bucks for the 2 extra cores of the 8350, when most of the things I do do not require that much multi-threading. But AMD started with the $300+ Ryzen's. Until they launch the lower end Ryzen's, FX-8300 prices will prolly remain the same.


On the other hand... the FX-9590 which was out of my radar because the price was $239... just dropped on new egg to $159... nice. Still out of my reach tho, since you still need to add about a $100 on a water cooler to tame the heat of the 4.7Ghz. But nice to know.
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