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Originally Posted by AlmostTrick View Post
For me it's not "How long a bike will last", but how it may fail. After all the research I've done I've concluded that CF is simply more likely to fail in catastrophic manner than steel. I admit that this type of failure is rare, and plenty of folks have ridden their CF bikes hard for decades with no issue. But the effects of a serious failure can be devastating... and I only have one working body.

For me, any performance gain CF may provide is simply not enough to offset the additional worry of nicks, scratches, hidden damage and surprise failure. I understand others come to differing conclusions, and that's cool.
Although I don't agree with you, I appreciate your thoughtful response. That is, I know there is a chance of failure, but I believe it is so low that it is not worth worrying about. Also, my MTBs have suffered many crashes, nicks, scratches, etc... and nothing has ever developed from these.

The good news is we all get to pick our own bikes and there are a lot of choices. Thanks for joining in the discussion.
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