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The best view from my third century this month. This was a 200 km brevet with 3350 m (11,200 ft) of elevation gain. The first half alone had more climbing than most 180+ km mountain rides I do.

I knew this was going to be a stretch for me making it within the 13 1/2 hour time limit and in fact, I didn't. It was my first 200 km brevet ever that I didn't complete within the time limit, but I already completed one 200 km in January and have another one coming up next month.

The course climbed high above Izu peninsula, with spectacular views of the Pacific and Mt Fuji. After a 20 km descent from the last major pass I didn't stop at the very first convenience store. This was a mistake, as the road soon turned up into the hills again, with nowhere to refill my water bottles (I had only half a bottle left). Despite getting dehydrated I rushed to make it to PC1 before closing time. I did make it there with no more than 5 minutes spare, but the effort had taken its toll. I soon found myself half an hour behind the minimum and the time deficit only increased.

In the last 50 km of the ride I came across a friend who was accompanying a colleague of his on his very first brevet. The colleague was an accomplished ultra-distance runner but with little cycling experience, so it was very tough for him. Still, the three of us rode every single meter of the course that remained and arrived safely at the goal two hours after closing time.

Three days before the event, Mr Mitsuaki Inagaki, chairman of Audax Japan, was killed by a truck while running a 1200 km brevet in New Zealand. This ride was dedicated to his memory, with riders wearing a black ribbon on our randonneur vests and a minute of silence before we set off.
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