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Bikes: Enough plus 1

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Money, weight, performance, component level, frame material and longevity always come up in these threads. Not as much mention of another component, IMHO, of the buyer's experience that may influence some, and that is the intangible I guess I could loosely call "artistry" or "aesthetics" - craftsmanship doesn't seem to really apply to a product mass-produced, since that conjured up for me at least the image of Campagnolo at work in his little workshop in 1950s Italy making parts almost one by one - not Chinese factories the size of an NFL stadium.

Since the thread has gone stale, off-topic, with apologies to the OP, I've bought several of my bikes partially based on aesthetics- making the decision between brands and models comparable otherwise, I've liked certain things about certain bikes -like the bright orange frame of my Crux or the weird, cool-looking offset single "lefty" front fork on my one Cannondale.
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