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Originally Posted by rydabent View Post
The question that needs to be answered here is at least two fold. First of all what do you plan to do with the bike, and second how much money do you have. If you intend to race, and have the money maybe a CF bike would be a good choice. But give the fact that if the bike is going to be used just for everyday riding for several years, a metal frame bike would be a better choice. It is a given that the really expensive and really light CF bikes, are quiet delicate and tender for everyday use. Look at every day use, a very light CF bike can be blown over, and may be broken or damaged. CF bikes as I have noted before are really CF reinforced plastic bikes, and are subject to the normal problems with plastic, They gas off and get brittle, and since they are out doors, subject to deterioration by sun light. These are real world problems with plastics. OTOH a metal bike may only get a scratch or a ding.
CF bikes are not as delicate as you imagine. I commute on a 2008 Tricross S-Works carbon bike. It was a relatively expensive ($6,000) bike in its day and I don't baby it in any way. It gets ridden in the winter only so sees the worst weather and is holding up well. Unlike my steel Colnago which broke at the bottom bracket after 9 years.

The notion that CF off-gases and gets brittle is just nonsense. Most CF bikes are painted so no possible UV effects.
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