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Yes, have ridden them for years, the weight varies often, 240 - 270 grams, and the non leather vinyl covering last about 6 to 12 months depending upon how often you sit on your bicycle. I have used these saddles 3 times in the Classic Seattle to Portland event in July when it is to warm to be comfortable riding during the day in Vegas. That said, the recent 2 Vader saddles I purchased off ebay for less than $9 with free shipping do not seem to be the same saddles I have been riding for years.

The fit and finish is similar for both the white and the newer black saddles I purchased. They seem to sag/flex more, and make my "Taint" sore @ about 70 miles distance. I crashed hard in November 2016 and am slowly recovering, now riding 8 miles several times a week, and I can feel the saddle is no longer comfortable for a short distance.

I am going to change out the Vader for my Brooks saddle, as I am using the Baso Gap for these short rides and do not need the light weight Fuji SST 1.0. Not looking for the light weight bicycle that lets me spin up the wheels quickly.

The lovely Basso is a delight to ride the less than 10 mile per hour recovery training. I am trying to get back on a bicycle to let my condition return to riding distances again. I will not make the Classic Seattle to Portland event this year, I know my knee and leg will not allow that distance this year.

The brooks will be an old friend, and right now I do not need the taint soreness distraction from the Vader saddle as I work on knee and leg recovery.

I have gotten off topic, but to sum it all up, I used the Vader saddles for many years and found them to be a cheap alternative to expensive medium weight saddles. I was riding @ 210 pounds, but now I have ballooned (with the lay off from November to March) to 234 without riding 3/4 times a week. It could be the extra size/weight that has made the Vader saddle less comfortable for me...

Cheap temporary Saddle I tried years ago, and found it was a good fit, kept replacing them year after year on the current bicycle I was riding.

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