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Wow, really overwhelmed by the responses, thank you so much. So, my morning ride was actually really great except for a kinda gummy rutted MUP due to hard rain Friday and Saturday. Did just short of 20 miles in an hour forty five, leisure pace looking at birds on migration, plants sprouting up etc. I really do feel a lot better - sore quads are a great tradeoff for feeling calmer. And I do - the endorphins and fresh air really lifted my mood.

There are too many individual responses to acknowledge all, sorry, but I'll adress a few of the comments that struck a chord. Medically on the physical side I'm pretty well covered, I had my annual physical with all the labs 3 weeks ago, and like many of us now have my collection of various doctors I see regularly. But thanks for asking anyway, always a good point.

I have dealt long enough with clients and family members in cases directly involving MH issues, as well as in cases where issues like dementia or depression are factors to know my way around. I'm not adverse to psychiatry if necessary as long as the provider is skilled and comcerned. I do have an adversion to addictive substances, so won't go that route. Psychology ... I think it takes coordination between pharmacologically-based psychiatry and compassionate therapy-based psychological treatment to help some, others psychotherapy alone often works. If problems persist and I have to go that route I would.

Mainly I think I got out of my routine, and let that become a point of contention in my mind. I've always been functionally anxious - I worry a lot about hypotheticals and unlikely events. Keep on telling myself to be more in the present to fight that.
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