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Dean's Log and Weight Loss plan....

Dean’s ride log..

So, it was Jan. 1st (again) and I said quietly to myself (so no one would hear and laugh..) “you are a fat bastard and you need to lose weight”.

I say this every year and I do try for a month, then stop and put a couple extra lb’s on top of what I was. So at 58 I was not too sure what would come of this… my wife and daughter later said they join after I started, so a little incentive (both are not fat, my wife is a little overweight on the stomach, and my daughter just needs to tone..).
So on Jan first I was 103kg, at 5’ 9”…. With a BMI of borderline obese. I realistically need to lose 23kg, (about 50 lbs) so I set a goal of getting to 90kg first.. then, see where we go from there.

At first I took up regular walking, up a hill near where I stay during the week. But it’s rainy season and that gets stopped a lot so I decided to do biking at the weekends bcos rain here is mostly in the afternoons.
I knew of a good ride, uphill about 15km… 581m incline from start to finish…then a nice sail down the same way. I rode this route 20 years ago… when I was 18kg lighter…. So I would make this my Sunday morning ride. Here it’s hot so the plan is leave early by car 30km to the starting point. So towards the end of February I started the bike rides as well as the walking.

I Start riding about between 7.00 and 8.00am if possible, then be back down the hill about 10.00 to 10.30am. Start elevation is 115m, top of the hill is 696m distance of 14.8km one way. So the climb is fairly steep, and there is little let up, it climbs from start till the top.

First time out I seriously wanted to stop and just turn around, but I just slowed the pace, walked the tough parts and got to the top in 2 hours 25 minutes, coming down in 37 minutes... My first ride was on 26th Feb. Since then I’ve done 3 more, and I’m down to 1 hour 45 minutes up and 32 minutes down. Most importunely I’ve lost 7kg (15.4Lb)… and I look forward to the ride, getting to the top is a big thrill, and really gives you a buzz… (still want to quite every 20 minutes while on it though…)

Here are my times so far for my Sunday Morning Route… 14.8KM up, 14.8KM down, incline of 581m

2017-02-26 – Up 2 hours 25 minutes. Going down 37 minutes
2017-03-05 – Up 1 hour 55 minutes. Going down 32 minutes
2017-03-18 – Up 2 hours 10 minutes. Going down 32 minutes
2017-03-26 – Up 1 hour 45 minutes. Going down 31 minutes

Below are my FB notes from my rides so far….

Gombak to Genting Sempah.. by bicycle, I did this foolishness 20 years ago, it takes a little longer now, 2 hrs 25 minutes going up and 37 minutes going down... it's all up hill, but the down bit is a lot of fun. About 30km in all.... now I need a shower...

Must have been very tough because I didn’t make notes, but did take a picture of my bike in the shower….

Bit slow today...missed last week with an injury...(athletic type that we triathlon people get....) �� �� And there were a few stops and some walking (feet movement in the form of running or walking is part of triathlon... my interpretation of that is pushing the bike up steepish inclines....) so 2 h 10 minutes for the up bit and 35 on the down bit... and
My clothing feels like I've been swimming......which is of course the other part of the triathlon. Sorted.

This morning I was passed while getting my bike out of the car by an old couple that looked like they could be in their sixties... they were jogging not on bikes.. after getting underway it took be a good 30 minutes to catch them up and pass them... then as I stopped and pushed (as I do in the steep bits) they would pass me... this went on for the whole ride (and push)..... I finally beat them to the top but only by about 10 minutes... and this was my fastest time yet at 1 hour 45 minutes... for sure I was faster than them going down. So I am no longer doing the triathlon. I am pioneering a new sport, it's called "Ride & Push" it's a complicated new sport entailing riding it then walking beside it while you push the bike.... but there are strict rules on the % of time you can push.... and you are not allowed to let the bike push itself... I'm in talks with the Olympic committee...[/I]

I will now keep this log going in real time… and see if there is a correlation in my times, distances ridden and weight lost… at the start I was 103 kg (226 lb) now after almost 3 months I am 96 kg (211 lb) not earth shattering, but I firmly believe that loosing slowly, and without starving yourself is the way to go, few pounds a month is fine for me. I am losing weight and very much enjoying ridding again. My current cycling goal is to ride my Sunday hill without getting off and pushing… stop for water is fine, but actually cycle the complete journey… and to find a good flat ride that is longer and not too far from home….

By putting this here I hope it will shame me into not stopping.....

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