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Excellent ... keep up the riding.

And I'll tell you my story in brief ...

I've been into cycling since I was about 6 years old. Grew up in a cycling family. I rode my first century (100 mile ride) in 1994, and was actively into ultra long distance cycling up till my early 40s.

Then I kind of had to take a bit of a break after developing DVT on a flight to Australia in 2009. Rowan and I still did some events with Audax Victoria, and we took on the 7 Peaks Challenge in 2011, but we weren't cycling to the same level as we had before. In 2012, we spent about 8 months travelling the world, and while we did do some cycling we probably should have done more. :grin: I put on a bit of weight. Too much good food out there! Things were unsettled for the next couple years ... moving, job changes, etc., and that scenario often sets the scene for a bit of weight gain too.

In 2014, I was going through various perimenopausal symptoms, hit my highest weight ever ... and I started to think that this was it. After being such a slender, active person, I was now old and dumpy and would be for the rest of my life. But about two minute laterI came to my senses and I decided I wasn't ready for that yet ... and began by being more active through December. Unfortunately I was sidelined with two surgeries, a week apart, in January. But then in February 2015, I joined My Fitness Pal.

In 2015, I lost the weight in two 16-week segments, and started getting back into the long distance cycling events again. In 2016, Rowan and I completed a couple 200 km events, a 300 km, and a 400 km ... and about 400 km of a 600 km (an unusual health issue kind of got in the way of that last one).

This year, we're trying it all again. We're in the midst of something Audax Australia has called a Petite Year Round Randonneur. We're attempting another Century-A-Month challenge. And we're participating in various other long distance events. I'm cycling up the hills and mountains around here and I've actually picked up speed!

In February, I cycled my 100th century (100 mile ride). I've done an additional 75 longer rides, but that was my 100th 100. This month, I turned 50 and we cycled two 200 km randonnees and several other rides for a total of 1000 km in the month.

And I'm still a member of My Fitness Pal ... still tracking my calories and watching what I eat, and for the most part, maintaining in the middle of my normal BMI range.

So ... in addition to the cycling, which is great, you might also want to consider a calorie tracking program. At least for a little while. It can be very eye opening.
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