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What you are doing is fine. Globally the overwhelming majority of people riding bicycles are doing just what you are, they're riding to work, to the grocery or pharmacy, or to dinner. They're not concerned about speed or looking like Lance Armstrong. They wear normal clothes and enjoy riding their bicycle for local transportation and maybe weekend recreational rides. They like the simplicity, being out in the fresh air (or rain for me the other day), not polluting or contributing to congestion and maintaining their health. For more: Cycle ChicŪ.

Another option is to go a bit more towards racing which is what folks above are focusing on.

I do a bit of both though probably 90% of the time I spend on a bike these days is riding to dinner or the grocery on my city bike (City Bikes | LocalMile) and usually average about 11-13 MPH. I use to race (Avg: 25 MPH) and do lots of club rides (Avg: 22 MPH) but these days I'll do a couple of club rides a year (Avg: 16-18 MPH) though last year I didn't do any.

From a health standpoint there's no real difference. Do whichever you enjoy.

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