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Originally Posted by Tbone2 View Post
"...a few club rides with other more experienced old farts..."
When riding in a group or pelloton I believe "farting" is referred to as "crop dusting". Personally I think of the posterior emission of expanding gasses as JATO (Jet Assited Take Off) which the airforce uses to aid in short runway take offs. And this is how I use them, although I haven't measured their effectiveness.

Originally Posted by Tbone2 View Post
"my ride to work is now up to 12.5 mph...I wonder how long it will take to get to 14 mph?
I'm 55. I've been commuting to the same job for 25 years. My average speed in is 13.5, and 12 on the way home, due to the 500ft difference in elevation.

A few of times in the last few years I have pushed to see how much faster I could go. I did 14.5 on the way in and 13.5 on the way home. I was exhausted. And in practical terms it saved me five minutes over 9 miles in total door to door time which includes traffic lights.

The older I get, the more I am interested in how often I ride, and how good it feels to be in some sort of shape, without overdoing it and suffering achy knees for days or having to collapse at work or home.
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