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Originally Posted by Barrettscv View Post
I have never liked racing against other cyclist. However, I do like racing against the clock. Fitness and speed are still cycling goals for me. I'll continue to seek out my personal best. I also enjoy rural splendor and have taken up gravel cycling.

I find myself racing against data on Garmin Connect. I'll also check my results on Strava. I'm trying to be in the top 20% on a few Strava segments on each ride. The bike computer, combined with a heart rate monitor, can be an excellent measure of performance.

Speed and scenic enjoyment are not always perfectly compatible, but I try to enjoy both on most rides.
I'm about the same. I haven't raced since I was a midget.

I've never been real fast, but I've gone essentially car-free over the last 2 years. Recently I've joined Strava and have been enjoying some of the challenges.

I've set a few of my PRs at pretty high levels, so they're tough match. And, I had a slow winter this year for a couple of reasons. But I did set a new PR on a hard, but short segment a few days ago, so not all is lost.

Fortunately, in a small city, I can snag a few top 10 and top 20 results.

Hopefully I'll get a faster bike built up this spring. Will that count?
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