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Originally Posted by wphamilton View Post
@Tbone2 there is a strong sentiment in 50+ opposed to striving for more speed, or enjoying fast rides. I can't fathom why, but it is what it is. A prevailing perspective, even though there are several 50+ members who are quite fast, a few blazing fast. You might get more information posting in the road cycling forum, or in general cycling. But please phrase it as other than "average speed" or some variant, since "average speed" questions are something of a stereotype and evoke a certain amount of mockery.
I've never gotten that impression at all.

What I do see is plenty of encouragement toward folks who are struggling to regain some fitness after a long layoff or injuries and illnesses that accompany aging.

That's not the same thing as seriously disparaging folks over age 50 who can and do ride fast. That's great. Very encouraging. I'd like to be able to ride as fast as I could 30 years ago. Probably won't happen but when I see that other folks my age can and do I feel encouraged to keep trying. It's not a finite pie. More encouragement toward struggling older cyclists doesn't steal encouragement away from the fitter and faster riders.

My only concern is cyclists like this, using the MUP as their personal racetrack, threading the needle through a designated slow zone with speed bumps, crowding and endangering casual users. And more often than not it's guys who appear to be past age 40. There are plenty of places around our area to ride fast without endangering pedestrians, kids, older folks and slower cyclists. Heck, there are even places on the MUP where it's safe to open up without endangering anyone else.

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