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Sorry for the thread bump, but I think it's relevant.

This doesn't help the OP much (hopefully you solved your issue), but it appears that TRP has listened to the complaints about the hose length on the Hylex front brake assembly. I just got a set of the "new" Hylex RS, and they now ship with a 1000mm hose on the front, a spec which is printed right on the retail box label.

The product description at Universal Cycles said 800mm, which I estimated would be a few inches too short on my touring frame. But that was clearly a leftover from the old Hylex product description because, when I installed these, I ended up with a very generous loop of hose extending well past my head tube from right to left. Looks a little sloppy but I'll probably leave it be for now unless it gets in the way or until I need to bleed them, whichever comes first.

Anyway, according to the TRP website, the original Hylex are discontinued. The new "RS" model appears to be exactly the same thing, but with some drillium on the lever blades and a slightly different color scheme on the levers and calipers. And the longer hose of course. Also, I'd like to upgrade to a Gevenalle system some day, so I checked with them to see if their Hylex upgrade kit would work with the RS. They confirmed that the lever parts were completely interchangeable and even sent me a pic of a bike with upgraded RS levers.
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