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Originally Posted by ViciousCycle
For years, I've been a Chicagoland computer consultant, and the location of my assignments is a crap shoot. Sometimes, I can use a combo of bikes and/or trains to get to work. On the other hand, last winter, I had a 70 mile a day round trip car commute. I am therefore beginning a limited job hunt to find a job in the Loop, where I could use a bike or a train to get to work every day. I could get rid of my car, and save the costs of car payments, insurance, maintenance, repairs, auto club, gasonline, licensing, etc, as well as get rid of the unpleasantness of driving a car.

I've tended to go for the job I wanted and then figure out how to get there, even moving if necessary. And if I do move, then I really try to work it in a bike friendly way.

I guess for you, you have to look at the quality of customers. As a consultant that should give you a little more latitude. You may be able to find enough clients within cycling distance or ones who will work online with you. My oldest customer is 1,500 miles away. Spend the money on computers not cars.
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