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Good for you, Dean. I'm going through a similar reformation after a horrid health year. It's been fun to document my efforts and see the improvement. I'm currently in a lull in terms of weight loss after having dropped from 212 pounds in early February to 182 pounds at the end of March. That was a bit fast in terms of weight loss and I felt a psychological need to pause before going after the last ten or so pounds. I'll get back on the horse next week.

I bought one of those scales that measures fat content a couple of weeks ago. Since I'm now down to 12.5% fat, I am horrified at where I must have been two months ago. It's a fun toy and I heartily recommend it.

Also, I started using Strava to look at my rides. There are several segments on my usual training loop and it is amazing how that platform can encourage one to push harder where there is a known segment. It's great fun as long as one can enjoy the game of trying to ride a little faster than the last time.

Enjoy it all.
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