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Hello and welcome to the forums!

OK to start that is a hot mess. It was powder coated and while durable it can be thick and uneven and also dashes and hopes of finding out what it was. The decals don't match, the ones on the downtube look '70s vintage and the one on the seattube looks mid I don't know what. One of the brake cable guides is broken and replaced with a clamp. It looks like a mix of shimano mid-level components, and that seatpost has got to go, I just hope there isn't some ugly shim in there really buggering things up.

wanna here the good news? That investment cast fork crown is pretty unique and Bianchi really used it only one year, 1985. Near as I can tell this frame started life as a upper tier model in '85 which means it has a Bianchi 'Special' tubing set which simply mean the Columbus tubing company made a special set of frame tubes for Bianchi. So it wil be a very good riding bike.

Provided it fits and everything works properly $225 probably isn't a bad price for it but I would at least try and haggle down to $200 because of that broken cable guide. Good Luck
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