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Originally Posted by redfooj View Post
They don't need seller protection.

On record, they didn't sell you anything.

You didn't send money as a purchase. You apparently proposed, and were happy, to transfer money across the Pacific as a personal payment. This entitled you to Z.E.R.O. purchase protection.

You can't "screw" them. Your money went into their account.

You didn't seek the advice, but it's free. No refunds.

I bought a new car last year and went out of state to save on the sales tax - sheeit!, please school me on how I lost out on California consumer protection and bought a lemon
Even worse, I didn't pay the dealership through paypal

Not sure why you're so defensive of paypal bro; let alone why you're assumption is that any overseas seller MUST be screwing you over.

For your info, it was a PURCHASE, I have an invoice and it is referenced as such in paypal. Paypal is a middle man that I couldn't GIVE A FOCK about - the transaction is between me and deng fu, which I vetted and was comfortable with.

Secondly, as I said before, and as you acknowledged - the credit card charge is to pay pal. IF I had an issue, I would call my credit card and dispute it - and guess what, they'd reverse the charge and ask pay pal to prove the legitimacy of the charge. I'm confident I'd prevail - which is why I did the transaction the way I did it - and gee cowboy, my instincts must be ok because I have a frame, the seller got paid, no one got screwed and pay pal didn't **** me on fees.

But, you got any questions about the bike cowboy?
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