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Originally Posted by 67stang View Post
I bought a new car last year and went out of state to save on the sales tax - sheeit!, please school me on how I lost out on California consumer protection and bought a lemon
Even worse, I didn't pay the dealership through paypal

Not sure why you're so defensive of paypal bro; let alone why you're assumption is that any overseas seller MUST be screwing you over.

For your info, it was a PURCHASE, I have an invoice and it is referenced as such in paypal. Paypal is a middle man that I couldn't GIVE A FOCK about - the transaction is between me and deng fu, which I vetted and was comfortable with.

Secondly, as I said before, and as you acknowledged - the credit card charge is to pay pal. IF I had an issue, I would call my credit card and dispute it - and guess what, they'd reverse the charge and ask pay pal to prove the legitimacy of the charge. I'm confident I'd prevail - which is why I did the transaction the way I did it - and gee cowboy, my instincts must be ok because I have a frame, the seller got paid, no one got screwed and pay pal didn't **** me on fees.

But, you got any questions about the bike cowboy?
i care about your car as much as i care about paypal.

im not defending they, you, or the seller.

im pointing out that skirting the paypal convention is not a triumph. its a gamble. where you assume all the risk.

an invoice is not proof of transaction. it's just that - an invoice.

you should give lots of fock about paypal, as they handle the money. your money.

if your cc issuer checks with paypal for transaction legitimacy, paypal will say yes, you legitimately sent personal payment to mr dengfu. you are a humanitarian to provide such a gift. nothing about bikes, tho.

i dont have anything against overseas seller. in fact i buy from them plenty.

you clearly still dont understand any of this. but hey you got confidence. thatll last you long. caveat emptor. (it means buyer beware). good luck
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