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Originally Posted by exmechanic89 View Post
It's a great looking build. Never have understood why many people on these forums are fine with cheating Paypal though.
Thanks. I only speak for myself on the PayPal matter.... I built and sold two businesses that processed lots of payments through pay pal. Their nearly 5% fee is, IMO, excessive. Once they merged with eBay, the triple whammy of listing fee, sales commission and PayPal fee was enough to kill the margins for many small sellers. This has been written about extensively.

With respect to my transaction, PayPal did make a fee, just not the $42 originally proposed.

From a free market perspective, I have no remorse skirting the full fee - it's not against their ToU to make a personal payment, and yes while I accept the risk of not having perhaps their full "buyer protection" - I am ok with that because I feel it's my duty anyhow to make sure I am comfortable with the seller and what I am buying.

I will also admit that both as a buyer and seller on eBay I have taken a transaction off eBay to make the deal off line and save both parties the aforementioned fees.

You may even be shocked that I have bought/sold a house without a real estate broker taken a commission.

I'm sure the guy above who is on my ass about all this is just blowing an aorta now.

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