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Originally Posted by redfooj View Post
im pointing out that skirting the paypal convention is not a triumph. its a gamble. where you assume all the risk that paypal would have covered / insured.
FIFY. Not ALL the risk. Only the part of the risk that Paypal would have covered. but if your risk is covered / hedged other ways, how many insurance policies do you need for the same transaction?

If my car insurance covers rental cars, and my credit card covers rental cars, do I really need to ALSO pay Hertz for their loss waiver insurance policy?

As far as I'm concerned, I'm already paying for one insurance policy too many and sure as hell don't need a third one.

It's why I don't give the first ish about ebay "protection" if I'm paying with paypal. Or paypal "protection" if I'm paying by credit card.

That said, when dealing overseas for large amounts I do still make the sellers invoice thru paypal because paypal coverage is worth it and I'm already beating sales tax and about 4 intermediary markups.

But if I know the seller, or the seller has a brand on the line, then I'm inclined to just take my own risk on the deal.

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