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Thank you all for the responses. I have since regreased but did not notice much of a difference. I've ridden the bike in this condition about 70 miles. It seems to function and the notchiness isn't noticeable when pedaling, but it is definitely noticeable when turning the crank by hand. The cranks on my other bikes spin much more freely and are smooth as silk. If I turn the crank on the BB30 bike really slowly by hand, I can feel the notchiness as the spindle turns in the bearings. I can also feel the notchiness if I turn the bearings by hand when the crankset is removed.

1) The crankset is labeled "Hollow Carbon". I believe it came off a Specialized Diverge and is not labeled with the traditional SLK logo's due to the fact it was OEM for the Specialized. It is in like new condition. The model off the label is CK-OS81. Here's a link to a photo (not my bike):

2) The cover washers over the bearings are installed with the flat surface facing outward and the raised surface inward against the bearing.

3) There is 1 spacer on the non-drive side. It is between the crank arm and the spring washer. There are no spacers on the drive side.

4) The spring washer appears to be fully compressed. It is clearly not fully compressed until the very last turn of the torque wrench.

5) Bearings are definitely fully seated. Note, I did not remove the bearings or the backing clips. I have however examined their installation to confirm it is correct.

6) The crank spindle is not bent.

Any ideas? Am I worried about nothing?
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