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Originally Posted by wphamilton View Post
Nope. Think about it this way for a moment.

Counter-steer: the bike moves right (because the wheel is turned that way). The body stays more left, because momentum. Body to the left side of the bike makes the bike lean left.

Moving your body to the left places your body to the left side of the bike, the exact same situation. Except that the bike moves in a slightly smoother curve. It doesn't require that your bike has to lean right first. Try it and see And even if there is a tiny amount of opposite lean, that's not the same as counter-steering to produce lean. For one, it's << smaller and secondly it's the opposite cause and effect.
Try it on a bike at very slow speed with someone watching from the front or back. It's not possible to initiate a body lean in one direction without the bike leaning the opposite way

Better yet, stand on the side of the bike with both feet on one pedal, get the bike to balance, and see which way it's leaning. Your body and bike form one unit with a shared center of gravity. You can't move the center of gravity outside the line of the tires without steering the tires away from the center of gravity.

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