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Originally Posted by tandempower View Post
I would like to hear more concrete testimonials about the diversity of multi-modal transit-bikeshare trips people make, the time, the costs, etc. I also want to know more about what it's like outside the city, where presumably driving-dependency is still taken-for-granted. I can imagine that bus service is possible beyond the city, but is this the case or is car-free living really limited to people who live exclusively within the city?
I didn't see any of the buses with bike racks for multi-mode transport. However, bikes are allowed on the trams which is a good sign.

I'm really impressed by the fact they subsidize costly electric bike purchases! The e-bike from what I heard is really becoming a big industry across Europe. At the moment, only the well off that can afford them but this will change as time goes on. However, it might also pose another problem as average speeds will increase leading to more accidents. As the articles pointed out, more enforcement of on street rules may be in order.
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