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Originally Posted by Dahon.Steve View Post
I didn't see any of the buses with bike racks for multi-mode transport. However, bikes are allowed on the trams which is a good sign.
Bike racks on buses make it a gamble to plan to take your bike with you, since the racks only hold two bikes. Bike shares are the solution, but I want to hear more about how they work in practice, whether people find them practical, whether docking stations work well relative to destinations, whether cost deters many potential uses, etc.

I'm really impressed by the fact they subsidize costly electric bike purchases! The e-bike from what I heard is really becoming a big industry across Europe. At the moment, only the well off that can afford them but this will change as time goes on. However, it might also pose another problem as average speeds will increase leading to more accidents. As the articles pointed out, more enforcement of on street rules may be in order.
Oftentimes I watch videos like this through the lens of filtering money to private businesses through public expenditures. E-bikes might be useful for certain applications, but they are expensive, and they undermine the fitness/health aspect of riding a bike.

I hope the main reason Oslo is going CF has to do with environmental and human benefits, and not as a stimulus program to justify doling out money in new, unexpected ways.
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