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Originally Posted by cooker View Post
They usually emphasize in these videos that they hope or expect the creation of less car-friendly areas will stimulate or attract business, among other benefits. However, better they stimulate businesses to thrive on green infrastructure than on polluting, energy inefficient infrastructure.
We can't get into a political discussion about this, but my concern is that they dispense with the LCF reforms the moment they see the prospect of economic austerity in it. Yes, people can spend $1000s on ebikes and other public expenditures can generate jobs, stimulus, etc.; but I think ultimately we have to come to terms with the fact that bikes are simply more efficient and healthier in so many ways that we can't expect widespread LCF reform to result in the growth levels of peak automotivism, not that those growth levels were ever sustainable in the first place.

Maybe you can't expect everyone to accept this and adjust their economic expectations immediately, but my concern is that every time public money gets invested in helping a locality achieve better LCF, people take the money and spend it on cars and driving. At what point are we going to adjust expectations of income and earnings to reflect the absence of driving from our budgets? I'm afraid that as long as we don't, there will be an economic interest that pushes us to drive in order to fund the economy that depends on that level of expenditure remaining widespread among the public.
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