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Originally Posted by cooker View Post
It's impossible to be totally free of politics in discussing LCF - for example, the politicians of Oslo are interviewed in the video and had a hand in implementing the changes. The US economy is still growing, yet driving is starting to level off or decline, so I think we are starting to see a separation of economic growth from what you refer to as automotivism, as people almost literally "vote with their feet " to walk and bicycle more
Well, as you know I am not a fan of the rat race. So when you project high GDP growth will be maintained as LCF continues to grow, my fear is that the reduced need for pavement, cars, insurance, etc. that comes with LCF won't be translated into corresponding liberation from economic pressures.

You see, ultimately the economy is about occupying people's time in service of employers because if we don't submit to (sufficient) paid employment, we lose privileges of freedom. I am a believer in the prospect of gaining more time for unfunded projects by spending less time in paid employment, so part of the reason I LCF is to gain more freedom from the rat-race. What you're saying is that the rat-race will continue to grow and push people, only more of us will be biking and taking transit to arrive at our obliged destinations. Can you see how that would be less than ideal in my eyes?
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