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Originally Posted by highstream View Post
I recently picked up a good few year old Kona Jake the Snake at the local swap and have turned it into a road bike. For pedals, I decided to go with SPD-SL (Ultegra), instead of SPD, which are on my old road bike. Today was my first day with the pedals (and Shimano RP3 shoes), and boy was I in for a surprise. So hard were they to get out of, I ended up riding the neighborhood with one bike shoe at a time, tension adjusted to the lowest, just repeatedly clipping in and out. Still, after an hour with each foot, it was taking a concerted effort and lots of concentration, and sometimes that wasn't enough short of repeated tries. Pretty scary to think of riding both both at the same time in this state. Is there any way to speed up the process? Thanks,
It takes time to break in the new cleats too. I've had >20k miles using SPD-SL. I still wouldn't just install a pair of new cleats and go out for a long ride. Since usually I clip out with my left foot, the cleat on my right has much less wear. I just change one new cleat at a time: move the right cleat (which has already broken in) to my left, and install the new cleat on my right.

The position of the cleats matter too. If they're all the way down toward the center of your feet (which many think is better for your knees), you would have much less momentum to clip out. Just move it up 1 cm or 2 cm.

Don't give up. It will be a lot better after a few days.
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