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Today I put a little Park Tool (pedal thread) grease on the back inside of the pedals and the back of the cleats, and worked on twisting off with my heel in a heel down position. I also tried the cleats in a couple of different fore-aft positions. Working with one bike shoe on at a time, occasionally it unclipped right away with some effort, but most of the time it took more of a 2-3 count and sometimes a good 10-15 seconds and multiple tries before it came free. Disappointing. On the possibility that it's a defective, I've contacted JensonUSA (their warranty dept currently takes emails only; something about the noise of construction). So I'll see. Thanks everyone for your comments and suggestions.

Update: Jenson says if I can clip in and out, it's not likely a defective, just "not as easy as expected." I can send them in, but... Not sure what to do.

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