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Originally Posted by Roadwanderer View Post
Cool. Thanks.

On my front derailleur, the letters FE appear, but they look less like a date code and more like a logo. If it is a date code, it's May of 1981.

You can see the FE on the outer facing surface of the derailleur. Is this the date code? It doesn't look like one to me, but it's the only thing I see that's even close to the format.

That's the model series, not the date code, which will be on the back of the inner cage plate. It will consist of two letters, about 3mm tall. However, this derailleur came out for the 1979 model year, so it's still looking like early 1980s. If it backs into the 1970s, it's not by very much. I believe the actual part number is FD-FE12, which should also be stamped on the back of the inner cage plate.
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