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Originally Posted by dunderhi View Post
I think it is less of an implicit assumption and more of a desirable state.
If we change the setup of the scenario, you'll see why the rider in front has to be traveling at the same speed or faster to not be foul riding.

Suppose rider #2 is in the sprinters lane going full blast with a lap still to go, and rider #1 is in back and decides to come around. Rider #1 has a lot of speed, but doesn't have nearly as much gas as he thinks, so he gets his 2-3 foot gap while outside the sprinters lane and blows up completely. Rider #2 is the world kilo champion and is still speeding up. If blown up rider #1 (with his 2-3 foot lead, but slowing down like he's got a parachute) then moves into the sprinters lane in front of #2 what call are you going to make?
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