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Originally Posted by littleArnold View Post
What bike would be faster and a better bike? A used Schwinn Paramount or like a $1,000 entry level Trek or Giant road bike?
You wont be faster on one vs the other.
The motor makes the speed. In good mechanical condition, you will ride both at the same speed.

Fit is most important. Then after that, setup is whats important.

The new bike will have a compact 50/34 crank and most likely an 11-32 cassette. That will allow you to climb hills easier compared to what will for sure come on a classic Paramount, which would traditionally be something like 52/42(or 39) mated to a tight spaced cassette like 13-24.

Older Paramounts(Schwinn US made) will be downtube shifting vs STI on a modern bike. Its night and day different.

I am biased because i love old steel bikes, but i would go for a Paramount or more preferably something high quality thats older.
Few reasons-
-anything made in the 80s and newer thats mid to upper level will be easy to upgrade. Very straight forward and would make for a fantastic bike.
- prices will be significantly less than $1000, even after having upgraded.
- no warranty is needed. The bikes have lasted decades and if they are in good condition there is no reason to think they will suddenly fail. Take it to a bike shop with some components ypu want to upgrade to and ask them to tune the bike up and slap the new stuff on.

I would search locally. Craigslist. Ypu can see the condition that way. Miyata 712, 912, Team, Pro. Centurion Ironman. Schwinn Paramount PDG. Schwinn Prologue. Specialized Allez. Panasonic DX5000.

There are genuinely too many to list(i didnt even start to list all the Italian, Canadian, and American examples) . Tange 1 tubing, Ishiwata 22 tubing, Ishiwata si35, reynolds, columbus- look at the tubing and thatll help determine a higher level frame.

Something like this too-

You could buy an excellent steel road bike for $350. Nee wheelset for $250. New STIs and deraieurs for $200. New crankset for $70. New cables and tape for $50.
That is a high estimate, you could very easily spend hundreds less, and yet even if you did all this upgrading you would still come in less than the new entry level road bike. And the components would be better quality.

Spend an hour looking thru the last few months of posts in this thread.
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