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Originally Posted by Darth Lefty View Post
The freewheel can't be shimmed properly so it rocks, tick tick tick. Its middle gear is worn, rumble rumble.
So, fix it? Replace the worn components? My C&V bikes are no more or less finnicky than my fiancee's new road bike, and my old Miyata has the smoothest and quietest drivetrain I have ever ridden on. If you are going to compare worn out components, at least compare them to a worn out modern bike too, where I'd actually imagine the friction shifting and looser tolerances actually benefits the older system. Anyone buying used bikes could easily wind up with a worn out dud from either era, but a worn out old bike to a off-the-floor new bike is hardly a fair comparison.

Originally Posted by IamAlan View Post
And yes, the road bike is faster.
But is it faster than any other road bike you may ride? I think few will argue that a road bike isn't faster than a hybrid, the argument becomes much more nuanced when the question becomes "Is road bike A or B faster?"
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